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Spoil the Broth

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Spoil the Broth

For Tom a dance became a Dance when its association with a particular tune was so close that either immediately suggested the other, in the way that Song is the combination of special tunes and special words; put differently and to quote Imogen Holst,
“Dancing is Music made Visible”.

Tom's association with Brian Jenkins by means of the Neston Folk Club is legendary and as fast as Brian wrote new tunes Tom illustrated them with new dances.

A member of the Folk Dance Band the Cracknels, Brian Jenkins writes tunes in the métier of Folk on the most unlikely of subjects. It is not all of us who get inspiration from such commonplace themes as the Double Bend in a road!!

Together, Spoil the Broth is a collection of their finest.


Andrea’s Waltz [Composed by Bob Pasquerello]
Aughton Green
Bamber Bridge
Coughton Court
Dibbinsdale (for the dance Instant Mix)
Distant Hills
Double Bend
Dutch Reminiscence
F & B, P & A
Freda’s Frolic

Hunt the Squirrel [Trad] (for the dance Geud Man-agers of Halsway)
Neston Cross
Quiet Weekend
Ships Ahoy (for the dance Wrongside Reel)
Shotwick Hollow & Harbour House (for the dance The Treblemaker)
Spring Morning
Stepping Stones
Switch Island [Composed by Val Ashton]
The Lock
Thornton Hall
Val’s Valedictory

The book also has notations for the following:

Distant Hills

Eileen’s a Dear


Geud Man-agers of Halsway

Hackins Hey

Instant Mix

Maiden Moor

Packington’s Pound

Porter’s Lamentation


Reginald Bids Me

Reluctant Recruit (The)

Rest Assured

She Rose and Let Me In

Smithy Hill

Smoke Rings

Spinney (The)

Spring Morning

Treblemaker (The)

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Spoil the Broth

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A collection of tunes by Brian Jenkins for dances composed by Tom Cook, played by the Cracknels.

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