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Grand Master, Dancing Master

Jonathan graduated from the Royal Academy of Music and as a young man was 'spotted' in London and brought to Cecil Sharp House to fill the vacancy left by the passing away of the two main 'Society' pianists. Despite his long and successful musical career in television he has always acknowledged the debt that he owes Folk Music.

David grew up playing folk music, and arranging music for dancing in the style of small orchestras has long been a passion. He and Jonathan have collaborated over the years to produce the Traditional Carol Concert at Cecil Sharp House which is accompanied by a 22 piece orchestra. This is the first time, however, that they have come together to make music for dancing.

Interpretations by Tom Cook

The Charmer (1717)
From Aberdeen (1698)
Heather Towers (John Lagden 1983)
Jacob Halls Jig (1695)
Rest Assured (Tom Cook 1988/9)
The Royal Hunters (c1748)
Salutation (c1710)

Interpretations by Mike Wilson-Jones
(originally brought together for Mike's Divertissement on the theme of Chess performed by London Folk at the Royal Albert Hall in 1981)

The Baffled Knight (1932)
The Bishop (1778)
The Queen's Jig (1701)
Roxburgh Castle (Traditional)
Step Stately (1651)

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Grand Master, Dancing Master


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Grand Master, Dancing Master


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Grand Master, Dancing Master

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Jonathan Cohen - Piano
David Fleming-Williams - Violin

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