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This +recording draws it's inspiration from the "New Country Dances" integral to the social life of the Regency Period, so successfully popularised by the recent television and film versions of the novels of Jane Austen.

This recording was produced by The Pemberley Players, a group of musicians with particular experience of playing music published in the 17th & 18th Centuries who have been brought together by David Fleming-Williams.

They are:
Stephen Fellowes - Flute
Jeanne Mann - Violin
David Fleming-Williams - Violin
Jonathan Cohen - Piano
Isobel Walsby - Cello

The dances are:
The Comical Fellow
The Touchstone
The First of April
The Indian Queen
Chestnut, or Dove's Figary
My Lord Byron's Maggot
Sprigs of Laurel
Jack's Maggot
Sellenger's Round
The Pleasures of the Town (to the tune of Fair Maid of the Inn)
Upon a Summers Day
Hit and Miss (To the tune of Daphne)
The Duke of Kent's Waltz
Never Love Thee More

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Pride & Prejudice Vol I


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Pride & Prejudice Vol I


Price £12.00

Pride & Prejudice Vol I

Music Notation

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File (in PDF form) of Music Notations

A Selection of Dances Popular in the 18th & 19th Centuries.

Pride and Prejudice Vol I

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