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David’s Pre-Sequenced Dances

Alderman's Hat

All the Way to Galway


Anna Maria

Arkansas Traveller x7 48s

Ashford Assembly

Bank of Monte Carlo x4

Barbarini’s Tambourine

Bayham Abbey

Belfast Duck Medley x5

Berkeley Castle

Black Nag

Blaydon Races

Bonny Breastknot (Devon)

Bonny Nell  

Braes of Dornoch

Bucksaw Reel

Caerphilly March

Carshalton Oaks (for Surrey Hills)


Childgrove x7

Christina x7

Comical Fellow (The)

Corelli’s Maggot

Corporation (The)

Cream Pot

Dalegarth x7 (normally for the Octagon)

Dartford Camp

Dashing White Sergeant


Delight of Sudbury (The)

Devil's Dream



Double Bend

Drive the Cold Winter Away

Dr Vincent's Delight

Drapers Gardens

Drapers Maggot x4

Drummer (The)

Duke of Kent's Waltz

Female Saylor

Fig for Bonaparte

Flight to Halsway

Gay Gordons

Geud Man of Ballangigh

Glenton Park

Gone for a Burton x7

Gradeley Lass


Hackins Hey


Hen Run

Hole in the Wall

Hop Pickers Feast

Indian Queen

Jack's Maggot

Jailhouse Jig


January Girl

Jenny Pluck Pears

John Tallis Cannon
|Kensington Court
Kentish Cricketers

Kickin’ Up The Dust

King of Hearts Waltz (The)

Kitchen Triad x3

Knole Park

La Russe


Lass of Killiecranky

Lasses of Portsmouth (The)

Leaving of Liverpool

Levi Jackson

Lili Burlero

Love and Friendship

Lovely Nancy

Maiden Moor

Margate Assembly

Mary's Malteaser to the tune Coastline Reel

Merrymakers Jubilee (The)

Milford Haven

Militia (The)

Miss Mills Strathspey

Miss Williams Fancy x 7

Mitre (The)

Mock Hobby Horse x 7

Mr Isaacs Maggot

My Lady Winwoods Maggot x3

My Lord Byron's Maggot
New, New, Nothing

Norfolk Freeholder

Northdown Waltz (The)

Nottingham Swing

Old Mill (The)

Orleans Baffled

Oswestry Wake
Pat Shaw’s Tradition

Picking Up Sticks

Piss on the Grass

Ploughboy x6


Prince Regent (The)

Quatre-Vignt Franc

Quem Pastores

Rock the Line Medley

Rowen to Shimmering Waters

Salutation x 5

Sellengers Round

Shandy Hall

Sleeping in the Attic

Slip (The)

Smithy Hill

Soulton Jig

Spaniard (The)

Sprigs of Laurel

Stepping Stones
Still Russian Around

Sun Assembly

Tom Jones

Trip to Orpington (A)

Trip to Richmond by Kate Riley (Lass of Richmond Hill)

Trumpet Hornpipe

Valeta (The)

Waltham Abbey

White Coppice

Woodlands Walk