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The Ranchers - Shaw to Shaw

This, the third of The Ranchers LPs, was conceived as a tribute to Patrick Shuldham-Shaw two years after his untimely death. All band members knew Pat well, none more so than David to whom Pat was all but a Godfather.
All the Music is composed by Pat and the project is in two parts.
‘Shaw to Listen to.......’ where some of The Ranchers most interesting work is to be found in music to just sit back and enjoy. Listen out for Special Guest appearances by Nan Fleming-Williams and Denis Smith.
‘Shaw to Dance to .....’ showcases six of The Ranchers favourite and most requested dances composed by Pat.

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By Clicking the       in front of each track, you will hear a small sample of that track

Shaw to Listen to .......
With The Ranchers Big Band

ShtoSh 01 Quartet Sample.mp3
The Quartet 1971
These tunes Pat considered amongst his best, all given completely different treatments
         Miss Bedlington’s Fancy, Miss de Jersey’s Memorial, Mr Ganiford’s Maggot, Miss Avril’s               Delight.

ShtoSh 02 Pat, Shetland and the F-W's Sample.mp3
Pat, Shetland and the F-W’s
Includes a rare recording of Nan playing the waltz Pat wrote for her.
M.V. Earl of Zetland & Nan’s Waltz, Rant Gone Wrong.

ShtoSh 03 Round Pond Sample.mp3
Round Pond
Written in 1974 after a visit to the American summer camp at Pinewoods near Cape Cod.

ShtoSh 04 Slow but Shaw Sample.mp3
Slow but Shaw
This set is so called in memory of Pat’s love and expertise of the pun.

Shaw to dance to .......
With The Ranchers Dance Band

ShtoSh 05 The American Husband Sample.mp3
The American Husband or Her Man
This was commissioned by Fried de Metz for her man.

ShtoSh 06 Long Live London Sample.mp3
Long Live London
Composed for a special London District dinner-dance.

ShtoSh 07 The Waters of Holland Sample.mp3
The Waters of Holland
For this dance Pat has used Dutch song tunes.
The Winter is Over, The Waters of Holland

ShtoSh 08 Long Pond Sample.mp3
Long Pond
Immortalises the famous American Folk Camp at Pinewoods.

ShtoSh 09 The Real Princess Sample.mp3
The Real Princess
Composed in 1964 to mark the occasion of a visit to Cecil Sharp House by the Society’s            then President, Her Royal Highness, The Princess Margaret.

ShtoSh 10 Levi Jackson Rag Sample.mp3
Levi Jackson Rag
Composed for a Christmas School at Berea, Kentucky.

Shaw to Shaw


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