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The Ranchers - Regale

Originally published in 1974 ‘The Ranchers Regale’, the first of The Ranchers ‘Listen to’ records, is neither a Folk Dance record nor is it in any sense intended to be ethnic. It is a musical indulgence. - the logical projection of presentations of arranged Folk Music, as interludes at festivals, ceilidhs, dances and in concert.

By Clicking the       in front of each track, you will hear a small sample of that track

RaReg 01 Wooauww Overture Sample.mp3
Wooauww! Overture
This was arranged specially for the 1974 Royal Albert Hall Festival.
Variations on:
         Strange Location, The Bone Lace Weaver, Mona’s Delight, Devil Among the Tailors

RaReg 02 Nos Calan Sample.mp3
Nos Calan
Pat Shaw arrangement

RaReg 03  Lull Me Beyond Thee  Sample.mp3
Lull Me Beyond Thee / Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot
presented in circumspect style

RaReg 04 Scottish Medley Sample.mp3Scottish Medley
Laird O’ Drumblair, Auld Luckie, Mrs. Grace Bowie, Steamboat Quickstep, Duke of                 Perth, Bonnie Dancers

RaReg 05 Orange Blossom Sample.mp3
Orange Blossom Special

RaReg 06 John Tallis' Canon Sample.mp3
John Tallis’ Canon
Pat Shaw composed both the dance and the tune

RaReg 07 Black Bear Medley Sample.mp3
Black Bear Hornpipe / Balquhidder Lasses
presented here in some unusual forms

RaReg 08 The Hunt Sample.mp3
The Hunt
Nostalgic Irish air

RaReg 09 American Medley Sample.mp3
American Medley
Fisher’s Hornpipe, Back up and Push, Hoppin’ Satan, Crooked Stove Pipe, Tom and            Jerry

RaReg 10 Playing with Playford Sample.mp3
Playing with Playford
First put together for a Folk Music Festival in 1964
Nonsuch, Trip to Paris, Chestnut

Ranchers Regale


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