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The Ranchers - Rags to Rituals

By 1977, The Ranchers Big Band was in existence, giving about four Concerts a year all round England. The five-piece Folk Dance Band was expanded, by means of close folk ’friends’, to an eleven piece Band that gave an opportunity to perform their ‘indulgences’ in front of an audience who had come to listen rather than dance!

By Clicking the       in front of each track, you will hear a small sample of that track

RaRit 01 Stateside Sample.mp3
A medley of American tunes
Fire on the Mountain, The Maiden’s Prayer, Arkansas Traveller, Chicken Reel.

RaRit 02 Christmas Day in the Morning Sample.mp3
Christmas Day in the Morning
An air from the Shetland Islands, Christmas Day in the Morning.

RaRit 03 Scottish Medley Sample.mp3
Scottish Medley
Jig, Strathspey and Reel
Rock and Wee Pickle Tow, Lochnager, Fiddler play the Light, Gipsy’s Hornpipe.

RaRit 04 The Manx Suite Sample.mp3
The Manx Suite
An unusual selection from the Isle of Man
Return the Blow, Hunting the Wren, Peter O’Tavy.

RaRit 05 Rituals Sample.mp3
A Horn Dance, a Rain Dance and “Tis a Gift to be Simple” with some relations!
Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, Abram Circle Dance, Simple Gifts,. The Alley-Alley-O,               The Glise de Sherbrooke, The Lord of the Dance.

RaRit 06 Shaw to Shaw Sample.mp3
Shaw to Shaw
Tunes composed by Pat Shuldham-Shaw
Albert Memorial Square, Prince Consort’s Rant, For Sam, The ‘Jim’ Morris On, Salop             Galop, Levi Jackson Rag.

RaRit 07 When We Were Very Young Sample.mp3
When We Were Very Young
Nursery Rhyme tunes for the children
The Grand Old Duke of York, Three Blind Mice, Oranges and Lemons, Humpty Dumpty,
         Hush a Bye Baby, Old King Cole.

RaRit 08 Golden Slippers Sample.mp3
Golden Slippers
Tongue in cheek version of the well known tune

RaRit 09 Overture to HMS Pinafore Sample.mp3
Overture to H.M.S. Pinafore
A glance towards the light classical

RaRit 10 18th Century Hop Sample.mp3
18th Century Hop
A cameo of Bath at the time of Beau Nash
Theme from the Harmonious Blacksmith, Minuet in G from the ‘Anna Magdalena                    Notebook’,Parson’s Farewell, Mr Cosgill’s Delight, Up Tails All.

RaRit 11 Rags Sample.mp3
Will set your feet a-tapping
Beaumont Rag, Peacock Rag

Rags to Rituals


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